Shout out to all the dads out there! We want to take a minute to honor and celebrate a few men who, between the dad jokes and diaper changes, started a company (NBD!). We honor the hustle you put in day in and day out.

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Ibraheem Basir of A Dozen Cousins

A Dozen Cousins Brings Culturally Authentic Recipes to the Table - Cuisine Noir Magazine

Growing up in a household of Creole, Latin American and Caribbean cooking, Ibraheem set out to create a product that reflecting these distinct flavors. The brand is named after his daughter and her 11 cousins.

Woody Hambrecht of HAUS

Woody Hambrecht (@woodyhambrecht) | Twitter

While living in Berlin Woody learned to enjoy apéritifs, with the Americano – a low-ABV apéritif cocktail quickly becoming his go-to. Today Haus founders Woody and Helena craft Haus in Sonoma, California, where they live with their daughter.

Justin Gold of Justin’s

Q&A with Justin Gold of Justin's Nut Butters – Nicole the Nomad

While living in Boulder, Colorado, Justin Gold started making his signature nut butter to fuel his active lifestyle. He began sharing his spreads with friends and family, and the rest is history.

Tomo Delaney of Noshi Food Paint

Ep 16 Tomo Delaney of Noshi | Listen via Hubhopper

Formerly in the fashion industry, Tomo first started experimenting with what would become Noshi Food Paint in order to get his kids to eat more fruits and veggies. Genius!

Chi Yan of Walt’s Waffles

Chi, Walt's Original Waffle Buns - United States | Kiva

What started out as a tasty base for sandwiches sold to restaurants has turned into a line of pancake and waffle mixes that will help people level up their breakfast (or lunch or dinner) game at home. Learn more about Chi’s story in our Meet a Maker interview. 

Andrew Suzuka of Otamot Foods

Meet the Entrepreneur & Dad Disrupting the Sauce Industry

Otamot is the result of an improvised family meal, where one night Andrew was making pizza for my daughter Evelyn. Instead of making a regular pizza sauce, he added in a bunch of veggies. She loved it, and Andrew knew he was on to something.

Matt Weiss of RIND Snacks

RIND Whole Fruit Snacks -- The Peel Deal - RIND Snacks, Inc

Inspired by his great grandmother, Matt set out to create a product that is healthy and sustainable that he hopes to pass on to future generations.

John Waller of Humble Nut Butter

Minneapolis-based 'Humble Nut Butter' serves up savory spreads |

A snack craving lead to an idea for John and Jessica Waller, husband and wife founders. Growing a food business while juggling parenthood… nothing but respect for these two!

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