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Inventory operations software CPG brands.

What can you do with Fiddle?

1. Inventory Tracking – Track your inventory at all levels across all sites.
2. Multi-Channel Order Management – Bring in all of your orders from all channels.
3. Purchase Order and Supplier Management – Send Purchase orders to suppliers and track pricing with lead times
4. Sourcing Materials, Ingredients, and Components to make your product – Gain 100% visibility into all of the raw ingredients and packaging materials you need to purchase in order to make your product at a co-packer or in-house.
5. Traceability – Get real-time lot traceability and expiration tracking at a glance.
6. Manage your full Bill of Materials, Recipes, or Formulations – Modern product costing tools to quickly source all of the necessary items across multiple finished goods to produce everything on time.

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