The best, most delicious product on Earth will fail without the right branding.

It’s the truth, for better or for worse: customers may think they are driven by taste, but eye-catching packaging on the shelf will almost always win the battle for shopping cart space. With such saturated markets, making your brand stand out is an important (and never ending) challenge of the food world.

Three Important Aspects of Brand Definition:

  1. Story.
    Everyone loves a good story, and a smart brand tells a unique and charming story that compels the customer to engage. The best part? Your story already exists – you just need to find it! This article from Food Navigator provides great tips on weaving a brand narrative.
  2. Audience
    A story doesn’t mean anything without someone to hear it. These tips, from the team at Bandar Foods, gives important context to finding your audience and telling the right story to the right people.
  3. Difference
    Uniqueness is everything. These launch tips from The Balance are an excellent summary of what it means to be different from other similar brands, and how to highlight what already makes you different from everyone else.

One easy exercise to think critically about branding is to ask yourself about the brands you currently consume and interact with. Who are you, as an audience? Which stories and images do you react to? From there, you can begin to understand other types of audiences and their own preferred brands.

Finally, click below for a helpful link to understanding brand strategy

Understanding Brand Strategy
Click here for a helpful link to understanding brand strategy.

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