The seaweed innovator introduces premium pasta sauces made with sustainable Maine kelp.

Pasta Sauce – Ocean's Balance

BIDDEFORD, MAINE (JULY 12, 2021) Ocean’s Balance, an award-winning Maine company and innovator of edible  seaweed products, announced that it is expanding beyond the Asian set with the introduction of its Mariner’s Pasta  Sauces. Made with sustainably farmed and harvested seaweed from the Gulf of Maine, the premium sauces are  available in traditional Marinara and spicy Arrabbiata flavors. The company touts the new products as ‘Comfort Food  made with Superfood’. “Seaweed consumption continues to increase in the US thanks to its well-publicized use by  celebrity chefs, its umami flavor, nutritional benefits and powerful sustainability story,” says CEO Mitch Lench. “But it  can still be a leap for many people to eat seaweed, which is why we created a product that is comfortingly familiar to  consumers and at the same time a healthier version of it.” Boasting a strong nutrition profile thanks to the inclusion of  seaweed, the sauces are great sources of iodine, fiber, calcium, iron and potassium. They can be enjoyed in most diets,  including plant-based and gluten free. And they contain no added sugar. The sauce flavors reflect consumer trends: while sales of pasta sauce increased overall by 22.6% in 2020 according to Nielsen, Arrabbiata is fastest growing pasta  sauce flavor profile, with a 45.6% increase in sales, and Marinara the third fastest, increasing by 31.3%*. Lench is  particularly proud of the taste of the sauces, saying that “the umami of the kelp marries beautifully with the tomatoes  and other ingredients to create flavorful sauces that are knock-outs on pasta, pizza, seafood and eggs.” *Nielsen data: 52 weeks ending 11/28/2020 

Seaweed’s health benefits are many, and are the reason it has been used in Asian cuisine for centuries. It contains  potassium salts, which do not lead to high blood pressure like the sodium salts typically encountered in processed foods.  It is a natural source of iodine, which is critical for good metabolic health. It contains beneficial antioxidants, Omega-3s,  dietary fibers, and minerals. And it is low in calories, vegan and gluten free.  

The sauces come in six-packs of 24oz recyclable glass jars, and have a suggested retail price of $7.99. The company also  offers organic whole leaf seaweeds, organic seaweed flakes, a sesame seed blend seasoning line and award-winning kelp  purée. 

Seaweed is making news again! 

Seaweed’s sustainability – a zero-input crop that needs no fresh water, no arable land, and no fertilizers to grow – has  long been highlighted for its potential a new and less destructive way to feed the planet. Seaweed’s carbon and  nitrogen sequestration which helps to reduce ocean acidification through its natural growing process is also widely  vaunted. But a groundbreaking new study led by The Nature Conservancy and the University of New England shows that  seaweed and shellfish farming are a “critical component of regenerative food production.” The study reported that  greater numbers of fish and invertebrates, as well as a greater diversity of species, were observed on farm sites. It also  highlighted for the first time the ability of aquaculture to help meet food demand while ensuring the health of our  oceans. “The benefits identified in this study open an exciting conversation about how we might be able to better  design…a food system that not only addresses the environmental impacts, but perhaps even supports the repair and recovery of degraded ecosystems…”, according to Heidi Alleway, Ph.D., Global Aquaculture Scientist at The Nature Conservancy. (Portland Press Herald, July 8, 2021)  

About Ocean’s Balance 

Ocean’s Balance produces innovative, edible products made from seaweed that is sustainably farmed and harvested in  the pristine waters of the Gulf of Maine. We support coastal Maine communities by working with lobsterwomen to help  them farm seaweed, which allows them to diversify their income, stay on the water using equipment they already have,  and do what they love. For more information visit, Follow Ocean’s Balance on Facebook and Instagram. Retailers or food service buyers interested in ordering please email [email protected].