Each week, we’ll be posting the content that caught our team’s eye on the internet. Staying current is one of the most fun parts of our job, and we love to share the industry news that made it to our Slack channel or water cooler. Get your reading on!

Here’s a rundown:

What an e-commerce strategy in 2019 must include (Just-Food)

Key takeaway: food brands must “act now to build digital capabilities or risk being left behind.” You may not be able to hire for e-commerce like a large brand can, but you can prepare for the inevitable by boning up on best practices for your online store. You can also outsource your e-commerce functions, as Just-Food suggests many brands are doing.

Kraft to Acquire Paleo Darling Primal Kitchen for $200 Million (Bloomberg)

Big Food is acting fast to expand their portfolios of smaller brands with big fan bases. Primal Kitchen, a paleo-centric CPG brand, fits the bill in a big way. Sounds like we’ll be seeing paleo products in more stores soon!

Granola Empire In Rural Maine Anticipates 33 Percent Growth In 2019 (Forbes)

How does a a food company that’s been open for 40 years project startup-like growth for the next year? By being way, way ahead of the curve. The organic granola company is not even near a city: Grandyoats is based in Hiram, Maine, a town of 1,619 people. The best feature of their production facility/office? It’s right on a river, so employees can “have lunch and then jump in.” Yeah, that seems like the life. Cheers for rural businesses doing big things!

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