Congrats! You received a business award from Target! However, that’s just the beginning.

I recently onboarded our line of frozen Mac N Cheese with Target and there are a few things I would keep in mind if you find yourself in a similar fortunate situation.

  • First and foremost, I strongly advise you take a deep breath.
  • After that, take significant time to familiarize yourself with all of the onboarding procedures and online portals associated with the Target brand. There’s quite a bit here so don’t be afraid to ask a bunch of questions with the Target team. Before product leaves your production facility, or even before you begin your first production run, you will need to communicate, realistically, your capabilities and timelines. All of this will help ensure a successful partnership.

  • Finally, be aggressive when it comes to promoting your product. You are entering one of the largest retailers in the country. As a new brand, you will have an uphill batter to familiarize your brand with Target consumers. The extra marketing effort will go a long way.

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