Food is something that everyone understands, everyone can experience, and everyone can enjoy. It is an expression of self identity and a medium through which we can connect with our past, and with each other. So why is it that something that is so universally appreciated and accepted be so segregated, or lack representation altogether, here in America? From the Omsom blog: “Most mainstream grocery stores continue to perpetuate a diet rooted in white Americana – which is not the future of this country’s continually diversifying palate.”

We are on a mission to change the way we see “American” food by bringing awareness to the makers who are sharing their culture through the products they sell. The medium is the message.

“Food is everything we are. It’s an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma.” – Anthony Bourdain

The founders behind these 18 food & beverage startups are going beyond the boarder to pioneer a new front in American cuisine. From African to Asian and Mexican to Mediterranean, their brands embrace, educate and celebrate global flavors. Grab a seat at the table and let’s dig in.

A Dozen Cousins
What: Beans and rice packets inspired by traditional Black and Latino recipes.
Why it matters: The company is on a mission to inspire families to eat healthier and live more vibrantly.
Foodboro Fave: Cuban Black Beans

Amazi Foods
What: Variety of dried fruit snacks including plantain chips and jackfruit chews.
Why it matters: All products are sourced and produced in Uganda, creating 150+ jobs with a safe and fair work environment, while supporting local agriculture and economy.
Foodboro Fave: Ginger & Lime Jackfruit Chews

Berry Bissap
What: All natural, West-African spiced hibiscus tea.
Why it matters: Uses traditional bissap recipe; made with organic fruit; spices sourced from Africa.
Foodboro Fave: Mixed Berry

Bhoomi Cane Water
What: Cold-pressed cane water elixirs and sugarcane juices.
Why it matters: Partner with minority sugarcane farmers; sustainable production process; fully-recyclable bottles made from sugarcane.
Foodboro Fave: Ginger Sugarcane Juice

Burlap & Barrel
What: Equitably-sourced spices from around the world.
Why it matters: Building international food supply chains that are equitable, transparent and traceable.
Foodboro Fave: Royal Cinnamon

Fly By Jing
What: Sichuan condiments and spice blends including chili crisp, mala spice mix and more.
Why it matters: Jing uses her products as a medium to share her story.
Foodboro Fave: Sichuan Chili Crisp

Fresh Zen Foods
What: Herb-based sauces inspired by traditional Chinese cuisine.
Why it matters: Bold flavors made accessible to wide market.
Foodboro Fave: Ginger Scallion Pesto

Helados La Neta
What: hand-crafted ice cream with globally-inspired flavors.
Why it matters: Bringing flavors of Mexican culture to a larger market.
Foodboro Fave: Creme de Coco

What: A fresh, healthy take on the traditional ramen.
Why it matters: Reinventing Asian cuisine with clean ingredients and added nutrition.
Foodboro Fave: Variety Pack

What: California-sourced date products.
Why it matters: All sourcing and production is done on the company’s farm in Southern California.
Foodboro Fave: Pitted Date Snack Pack

Karma Nuts
What: Variety of wrapped and roasted cashews with unique flavors.
Why it matters: Changing the mass-produced nut category with innovative roasting method.
Foodboro Fave: Cocoa Dusted

Neptune Snacks
What: Fish jerky made from sustainable fish.
Why it matters: Products are made using local fisheries, creating more sustainable aquaculture.
Foodboro Fave: Cracked Pepper

What: Meal starters (sauces, aromatics and seasonings).
Why it matters: Celebrates traditional Asian flavors loud and proud.
Foodboro Fave: Thai Larb

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky
What: Jerky made from shiitake mushrooms.
Why it matters: Uses traditional family recipe; plant-based and simple ingredients.
Foodboro Fave: Zesty Thai

What: Canned green tea with Asian-inspired flavors.
Why it matters: Combines under-represented flavors with better-for-you ingredients.
Foodboro Fave: Lychee Green Tea

Saucy Lips
What: Gourmet sauces.
Why it matters: Authentic Mexican sauces developed with family recipe, makes Mexican-American cooking approachable.
Foodboro Fave: Zesty Cilantro

Unite Foods
What: Nutritionist-approved protein bars with unique flavors.
Why it matters: Globally-inspired flavors.
Foodboro Fave: Churro

Xiao Chi Jie
What: Frozen soup dumplings inspired by their brick-and-mortar location.
Why it matters: Chinese food made with high-quality ingredients.
Foodboro Fave: Classic Pork

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